In accordance with PCDA (Pen) Allahabad circular No. 611 dated 10 Dec 2018, implementation instructions regarding new PPO series and e-PPO have been issued. The procedure of forwarding of e-PPO to Armed Forces Personnel has been provided in PCDA (Pen) Allahabad Circular Nos. 588 dated 20 Oct 2017, 590 dated 06 Nov 2017, 595 dated 25 Jan 2018 and 606 dated 29 Sep 2018. As in the new scenario of e-PPO, the same is being directly forwarded to the respective PDAs through SFTP mode as well as to the RO and Army HQs (in case of Commissioned officers). The identity of pensioner/family pensioner has already been established at the time of first payment pension. Record Offices are requested not to forward the hard copy of Corrigendum e-PPO to the Banks and DPDOs where e-PPO has already been transmitted by concerned PSAs through SFTP mode directly Banks and DPDOs is to act upon the Corrigendum e-PPO received SFTP mode without confirmation from RO/Army HQs whereas rest of the PDAs will act upon on the basis of the copy of Corrigendum e-PPO as per the practice in vogue. ROs are forwarding the descriptive roll to the concerned paying branch of the pensioner whereas descriptive roll is to be forwarded to the Concerned CPPC of the pensioner instead of the concerned paying branch which causes delay during the first payment of pension. Therefore ROs is to forward the descriptive roll along with e-PPO and undertaking for 1st payment as mentioned in Circular No. 606 dated 24 Sep 2018 to the Concerned CPPC of the pensioner. All other terms and conditions shall remain unchanged.

Correction of wrong PDA details and submission of Pension claims from RO to PCDA (P) Allahabad.

It has been observed that PDA details viz PDA name/address, Account Number etc are incorrect in some of the e-PPO issued by PCDA (P) Allahabad. It has been decided by the competent authority that such e-PPO will be cancelled invariably. If RO notices that the PDA details are incorrectly notified then the same may not be transmitted to PDA and the discrepancy may be brought to the notice of PCDA (P), Allahabad for cancellation of the e-PPO and issuance of a fresh e-PPO with correct PDA details. A guideline to PDA will also be printed on corrigendum e-PPO to return the Descriptive Roll to Record Office if the same has already been received by them. On receipt of e-PPO, if RO notices that the mistake(s) happened on their part in providing data of the PDA details in LPC-cum-Data Sheet, a corrigendum data sheet for cancellation of the e-PPO along with a fresh claim for issue of a correct e-PPO will be initiated by RO simultaneously. On receipt of the claim, a corrigendum e-PPO for cancellation of the said e-PPO and a fresh e-PPO, with correct PDA details, will be issued by PCDA (P). Further, the Record Office will forward the corrected e-PPO to PDA concerned along with Descriptive Roll for further necessary action regarding payment of pension by PDA. PCDA (P) Allahabad Circular No. 614 dated 31 Dec 2018 refers.

Broad Banding of disability element to Armed Forces Personnel retired/ discharged on completion of terms of engagement with disability/aggravated by or attributable to Military Service-Implementation of Court/AFTs orders

Consequent upon issue of AG/PS4 (Pen/Legal) letter No. PC-A/70545/679/RRB/MI-20(A3) dated 25 Jul 2018, it is clarified that the PCDA (P), Allahabad/PSAs can only issue PPO to affected petitioners after receiving the Govt. sanction letter issued by Services HQs in each and every case along with the claim from RO’s. PCDA (Pen) Allahabad Circular No. 561 dated 10 Jun 2016 stands cancelled in toto. Circular No. 612 dated 17 Dec 2018 refers.

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