Former CM of Jammu & Kashmir, Ms Mehbooba Mufti has assured the people of Kashmir valley, that her party will fight till last for the state's special

Former CM of Jammu & Kashmir, Ms Mehbooba Mufti has assured the people of Kashmir valley, that her party will fight till last for the state’s special status.

“Jo haath 35A ke saath ched chaad karne ke liye uthenge, wo haath hi nahi wo saara jism jal ke raakh ho jaega” (not only will the hand, which will raise to tamper with 35A, burn, but the whole body will burn to ashes)

We have to fight this. No other political party can stand up against this. I read Omar’s (Abdullah) statement on Article 35A. In his statement, he told New Delhi not to touch the Article and leave it for the Supreme Court. I am asking you is there anyone from J&K who is ready for any tinkering with Article 35A either by the Central Government or by the Supreme Court?”

…In this fight for which we are preparing, they can even send Mehbooba behind bars. But, do not get worried. Anything can happen, but I assure the people that the PDP will fight till the last for safeguarding the special status of J&K.”

Former Chief Minister of J&K and Peoples Democratic Party president, Ms Mehbooba Mufti

Ms Mufti made some noteworthy statements while speaking during the foundation day of the PDP. She said touching Article 35A would be akin to setting a powder keg on fire and warned New Delhi of a “bloodbath if it fiddled with the special status of the state”.

After Mufti, Abdullah too Expressed Displeasure

Mr Omar Abdullah, while referring to the matter of abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A as sub-judice and singing praises of slain terrorist leaders Burhan Wani and Zakir Musa, recently commented:

“Today we are hearing that the State will be trifurcated. However, let me make it very clear that any misadventure in this direction will set the State on fire. Any anticipated trifurcation of the State won’t limit itself to regions. Any whimsical attempt to trifurcate the State will eventually divide the State on religious lines. In those circumstances, the State will be divided on Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist lines.

What is it that the New Delhi wants to suggest by proposing such far-fetched ideas… Do they mean that the slogan of Sher-e-Kashmir (his grandfather Sheikh Abdulla) on Hindu-Muslim unity was erroneous? If yes, let them come forward and make it public. As far as our party (National Conference) is concerned we reject any idea of dividing the State on religious and regional lines, our vision of Jammu and Kashmir is shorn of communal, regional overtones. We stand for a united State, with equitable justice for all the sections of society living across the State. We will safeguard the prized diversity of our State come what may.

Mr Omar Abdullah

Kashmir, Centre, and Jittery Leaders

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s first visit to J&K after his assuming the appointment raised speculations that the BJP government is planning to revoke Article 35A after August 15. Moreover, the Centre rushing 100 companies of central armed police forces to the state only added weight to the rumours. This caused jitters to many out-of-power leaders. These leaders were quite accustomed to being very comfortable with India-bashing and Army-bashing. While enjoying all the benefits of the Indian system, they enjoyed supporting Pakistan/pro-Pakistan activities, being hardcore or softcore separatists/traitors etc.

For almost seventy years since Independence, the chief ministers of J&K were silent over the spread of anti-India sentiment. Pakistani and even ISIS flags, pro-Pakistani/anti-India slogans were tolerated or ignored. Thanks to the Indian Army’s vigil on the Line of Control, terrorism was reduced allowing tourism to flourish. Once again, this became too much for Pakistan’s directors of anti-India operations.

Abrogation of Articles & Bifurcation of Kashmir

Paid stone-pelting now became the new tactics. They aimed to raise the level of hectoring the Army and SFs during their operations. PDP filed FIRs against Army/security forces personnel for doing their duty. The tactics led to the destruction of over 40 schools. Even Kashmiri Army personnel like Lt Umar Fayaz and Rifleman Aurangzeb, many Kashmiri J&K police personnel and Editor of Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari, were all brutally killed, that too during wedding celebrations and the Ramzan ceasefire.

In a bold decision, the Government has removed the Special status accorded to the state via Articles 370 and 35A. They have also bifurcated the state on 6 August 2019 for better development and delivery of services to the people. Now, the bluff of the hard and soft liners has been called. Therefore, the state can now look forward to peace and development in the years to come.

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