Closure of Army Officers’ Benevolent Fund (AOBF)

It has been decided by the General Committee AOBF to close AOBF with effect from 01.01.2018. No further disbursement of grants will be made from AOBF wef 01.01.2018. It has also been decided that subscriptions made by all officers (equivalent to the savings component of an insurance scheme) will be returned on a pro-rata basis. The amount will depend on the total subscription made and availability of corpus fund. All officers may forward the below details along with a cancelled cheque for action: Personal number, rank and name; Date of commission; Regiment commissioned into/Present Army/ Service; and Present address.

Banking Facility for Senior Citizens and Differently abled Persons

Dedicated Counters/Preference to Senior Citizens, Differently abled persons, Banks are advised to provide a clearly identifiable dedicated counter or a counter which provides priority to senior citizens and people who are differently-abled including visually impaired persons. Presently, in some banks, even fully KYC compliant accounts are not automatically converted into ‘Senior Citizen Accounts’ on the basis of date of birth maintained in the bank’s records. Banks are advised that a fully KYC compliant account should automatically be converted into a ‘Senior Citizen Account’ based on the date of birth available in bank’s records. Banks are advised to provide senior citizens and differently-abled persons Form 15G/H once in a year (preferably in April) to enable them to submit the same, where applicable, within the stipulated time.

To ameliorate the difficulties faced by senior citizens of more than 70 years of age and differently-abled or infirm persons (having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired, banks are advised to make concerted effort to provide basic banking facilities, such as pick up of cash and instruments against receipt, delivery of cash against withdrawal from account, delivery of demand drafts, submission of Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and Life certificate at the premises/ residence of such customers. Banks are advised to implement these instructions by December 31, 2017, in letter and spirit.

Authority: RBI/2017-18/89-DBR.No.Leg.BC.96/09.07.005/2017-18 dated November 9, 2017

ECHS Medicine Management

Comprehensive SOP on Medicine Management includes procurement, accounting and their utilisation in a transparent manner. ECHS permits three months of medicine issue to our veterans & their dependents with chronic illness, bedridden patients and those proceeding to foreign countries. OIC Polyclinics have been asked to project correct demand ensuring no wastage. The change will be felt once medicine supply improves through SEMOs and through authorised chemist shops. SOP has been uploaded on the ECHS website for reference. ECHS shall ensure due service to the veterans & their dependents.

Aadhaar Linking for Pensioners

  • If your Bank account is not linked with your Aadhaar, you cannot operate your bank account from March 2018.
  • If your PAN number is not linked with Aadhaar number, your PAN will be cancelled, you can’t file Income Tax return, and you cannot do any large value bank transaction.
  • You will not get gas subsidy without linking your Aadhaar with gas connection number.
  • All pensioners must link their Aadhaar with their pension accounts.
  • You and your children must have Aadhar card for Government scholarships.
  • All farmers must have Aadhaar card for getting a subsidy.
  • All health cardholders must have an Aadhaar Card.
  • Aadhaar card is essential for an opening bank account, booking a train ticket, maternity benefits, your children mid-day meal and all primary school students must have it by 31 Dec 2017.
  • If you are having Smart Phone, you can install mAadhaar App and use it for locking and unlocking your Aadhaar biometric. This is a security feature recently introduced. Also, you can use mAadhaar app while travelling in a train and entering Airport etc to prove your identity. Your must keep your Smart Phone safe hereafter. Please do not give it to your children or others. This is very important.

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